Names of Alabama tornado victims released: Ages range from 6 to 89

ALABAMA (ABC NEWS) – Authorities have released the names of the 23 people, including four young children, who were killed when powerful tornadoes ripped through Lee County, Alabama, on Sunday, leaving the close-knit community of Beauregard in mourning.

PHOTO: Dax Leandro salvages clothing from the wreckage of his friends home after two back-to-back tornadoes touched down, in Beauregard, Ala., March 4, 2019.Elijah Nouvelage/Reuters

The victims’ ages range from 6 to 89, according to the coroner.

At least seven of the victims were from two families who are related by marriage and lived a few houses apart, Coroner Bill Harris said Tuesday.

Armondo (AJ) Hernandez, 6
Charlotte Ann Miller, 59
David Dean, 53
Emmanuiel Jones, 53
Eric Jamal Stenson, 38
Felicia Woodall, 22
Florel Tate Stenson, 63
Henry Lewis Stenson, 65
Irma Gomez-Moran, 41
James Henry Tate, 86
Jimmy Lee Jones, 89
Jonathan Marquez Bowen, 9
Maggie Delight Robinson, 57
Mamie Roberts Koon, 68
Marshall Lynn Grimes, 59
Mary Louise Jones, 83
Mykala Waldon, 8
Raymond Robinson Jr., 63
Ryan Pence, 22
Sheila Creech, 59
Taylor Thornton, 10
Tresia Robinson, 62
Vicki Braswell, 69

PHOTO: Residents of Talbotton, Ga., pray together outside a home destroyed by a tornado the day after storms battered Alabama and Georgia, March 4, 2019.Grant Blankenship /The Macon Telegraph via AP
PHOTO: A house with an X painted on it is seen across a hillside of wreckage after two deadly back-to-back tornadoes, in Beauregard, Ala., March 4, 2019.Elijah Nouvelage/Reuters

Those killed lived in roughly a one-square-mile area of the town of Beauregard, a resilient, community-oriented town of roughly 9,000, said Lee County Sheriff Jay Jones.

Preliminary reports indicate the deadly twister reached an EF-4 category with winds estimated at 170 mph.

As of Tuesday, about seven to eight people remained unaccounted for, said Jones.

ABC News’ Brendan Rand contributed to this report.

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