Multi-Million Dollar Construction At Blue Grass Airport

The Blue Grass Airport announced a multi-year construction project on the Maintenance/Snow Removal Equipment Complex, Public Safety Building and taxi area.

The first part of the renovation started September 2 and is expected to be complete in 2015.  Airport staff said the Maintenance/Snow Removal Equipment Complex is being moved less than half a mile. That is slated to cost $15 million.

Officials said the reason they are moving that building is because they want to build a longer taxi way that should make flying easier and more safe for pilots.

They will also move the Public Safety Building, often referred to as the firehouse, to the current Maintenance/Snow Removal Equipment Building.

They said all of those changes should happen by 2020.  The total cost estimate is for $55 million. 

Airport officials said most of that funding comes from the Federal Aviation  Administration with some coming from the airport.

The construction work will be managed by the company Connico Incorporated.  The engineers hired are from Parsons Brinckerhoff.  The builders are Messer Construction.

Congressman Andy Barr was there showing support as well.

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