Much-needed repairs completed at Cumberland Adventure boys camp

BRONSTON, Ky. (WTVQ) – Final repairs have been completed on the Alpine Tower and Odyssey Course on the campus of Cumberland Adventure Program in Bronston, Ky.

CAP is one of five therapeutic residential programs owned and operated by Sunrise Children’s Services to provide treatment for up to 56 boys ages 12 to 18 with oppositional defiant disorder, ADHD, bipolar disorder, and other issues.

The Alpine Tower and Odyssey Course promote teambuilding, trust, and compassion in the boys who live there.

Bronston is in Pulaski County along Highway 90 on the west side of the Cumberland River west of Burnside ad southwest of Somerset.

Major repairs were necessary to bring the courses up to code for the safety of the participants. The repairs include new rails, cables, nets, and ladder, along with installation of a new course exit and treatment of all wood services.

These courses have been used since 2016 because of their condition.

The repairs were paid for with a grant from USDA Rural Development Community Facilities Program and donations from President Leah Taylor of Cumberland Lake Shell. Training is scheduled with Alpine Towers International beginning November 3. Sunrise staff and clients at CAP will begin using the tower and course on November 6.

“The tower is important to CAP because the vast majority of the boys we serve come from broken homes in which they suffered physical, sexual, and emotional abuse in a generational culture of drugs, crime, and instability,” said Sunrise CAP Program Director Darren Neal. “These challenge courses have been extremely beneficial to the young men we serve in developing self-confidence, trust of others, accomplishment, how to encourage others, and learning to work as part of a functioning team.”

“We are humbled by Mrs. Taylor’s partnership with CAP and greatly appreciate what she and Cumberland Lake Shell have done for the youth in our care. They have put Matthew 25:40 into action,” Neal added.

“The completion of the repairs is a result of lots of hard work and several community partners coming together to accomplish something worthwhile,” stated Neal. “These challenge courses are going to provide our boys with a unique opportunity that they may never get again that will challenge themselves both physically and mentally.”

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