Motorists are asked to use caution around farm equipment on the road

MANCHESTER, Ky. (WTVQ)- With warm temperatures, more farmers have been putting in long hours in the fields because of previous weather delays.

Drivers are asked to use caution and be and be patient with farm equipment on highways and roads.

There were 189 farm tractor-related crashes in Kentucky last year.

Of those 189 crashes, 40 were injury crashes and 6 were fatal crashes.

The national report shows 87 fatal crashes with farm equipment in 2017.

Because weather delayed earlier planting, the planting season is shorter and causing farmers to move around their fields in a hurry.

A majority of crashes involving farm equipment were caused by drivers misjudging oncoming traffic while trying to pass farm machines and also when tractors prepared to make turns onto side roads or into fields.

Most farm equipment moves at a maximum of 25 mph and this causes most drivers to try and pass them.

Drivers need to be aware of and avoid passing in “No Passing Zones” as well as avoiding tailgating because equipment may need to make abrupt stops and turns.

Farmer are reminded to provide proper escort for large equipment, leave flashing lights on while traveling on the highway, and pull over from time to time to allow backed up traffic to pass them safely.

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