Motion denied in deadly DUI case

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WTVQ) – A Judge made a ruling Thursday in the case against a Lexington woman accused of hitting and killing two people last fall.

Lexington Police say 27-year-old Suzanne Whitlow hit and killed Louisville Police Detective Jason Schweitzer and UK employee Timothy Moore.

She is accused of being under the influence during the incident, according to the police.

It happened on the corner of Bolivar and Upper Street in October of 2016. Whitlow’s attorney, Jerry Wright, says police obtained a blood alcohol sample without a search warrant and says that’s unconstitutional.

Judge, Kimberly Bunnell, says she will allow the use of the blood sample as evidence. Wright says his client is not happy with the outcome, “I prepared her for what I thought might happen, I spoke with her last night.

We went over what the possible outcomes could be and where we would go from here, and I think she’s understanding where we are at.” Judge Bunnell, who overruled the blood alcohol defense motion, says she didn’t find the failure to get a search warrant sufficient enough to throw out the evidence.

Whitlow was arrested before in 2014 for drunk driving, in which she completed education classes.

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