Mother Has Life-Changing Surgery At UK

Cheryl Castle once suffered more than 40 seizures in just 3 hours as a result of her epilepsy.

She has been dealing with the disorder and its daily seizures for 18 years, which has left her nearly housebound, and her husband and three sons caring for her.

Castle said, "It was really wearing me down. It was really taking a toll on me and my husband."

Doctors tried numerous medications to help her, but they gave her little relief.

Castle continued, "I tried to go out and play with the boys, and I just couldn’t do it. I’d lose my balance."

Last November, doctors at UK Healthcare implanted a Neuropace device into Castle’s skull.

The medical device uses electrical stimulation to help control the seizures before Castle even realizes one is about to occur.

Since having the device, Castle said her seizures have been greatly reduced in frequency and severity.

Further improvements will be possible as doctors make adjustments to the system at later appointments.

She is the first person in Kentucky to have the procedure, but doctors hope to use the device on other patients at UK later this year.

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