Month supply of insulin now capped at $35 for seniors on Medicare part D

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WTVQ0 – As of January 1st, seniors on Medicare can now get a month’s supply of insulin at just $35 dollars a month with no deductible to pay.

According to Medicare, this cap is for part D plans and applies to each prescription of insulin. So, if a senior takes two types of insulin, they could be paying up to $70 a month.

Part D covers injectable insulin not used with a traditional pump, insulin with a disposable pump, and certain medical supplies used to inject insulin, like syringes, gauze, and alcohol swabs.

“So this is a great step, its a great step but we need to make sure and again I call upon our federal delegation to expand access to insulin for all people who need it,” said Former State Rep, Patti Minter.

Minter has been a big advocate for affordable insulin, helping to pass a bill in 2021 in Kentucky that capped insulin costs to $30 for those on state plans.

“If you need insulin to live you should be able to afford it and you should be able to get the amount that you need in order to protect yourself and control your sugar. Access to insulin is a basic human right and access to healthcare is a basic human right” said Minter.

She says the medicare insulin cap is a step in the right direction toward affordable insulin for everyone.
And, it’s a cause that hits close to home as her 17-year-old son is diabetic.

“My son Alex lives with type 1 diabetes and he lives with onset when he was only 19 months old he’s now 17 so I’ve seen firsthand the cost of insulin skyrocket since 2006 when he first became insulin dependent” added Minter.

She says around the time the state insulin cap was passed, her son’s insulin was costing 300 dollars a month for a 30-day supply.
And, she says many people pay even more than that.

“It’s inequitable, it’s unjust and I’ve been really pleasantly surprised by the unanimity of opinion, people really believe that you should have access to the insulin you should have access to as much as you need to get the best outcome that you can so you’re able to walk, to see, to have kidney function and to live your life” added Minter.

Seniors with Medicare plans have until the end of March to update their systems to reflect that price cap, so you could be paying more for insulin until that change is made.

Starting July 1st, similar insulin price caps will begin for traditional insulin pumps covered by Medicare part B plans.

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