Montgomery County also has petition calling to replace native american mascot

MONTGOMERY COUNTY, Ky. (WTVQ) – People in Montgomery County have started a petition to replace the high school’s mascot, the Indians.

As of Friday night, the petition has more than 950 signatures. It’s goal is 1,000.

The creator of the petition says this is not the first time there has been discussion of changing the mascot, but she says now is the time.

“We continue over the years to fight for justice for all people. We disrespect Native Americans by having a mascot that represents their people, heritage and culture. That is not an honor. The human race is not meant to be a mascot. That is not an honor. It is not respectful and does not exemplify great esteem. Please stand with me for Justice for our Native American brothers and sisters to honor them by removing the Indian name and replacing it with a more appropriate name,” Valerie Scott said on the petition.

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