Moms Rally for “Common Sense” Gun Laws

FRANKFORT, Ky. (WTVQ)- A group of mothers were in Frankfort advocating for what they call “common sense” gun laws.

Families with the organization, Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America, rallied in the capitol Wednesday morning.

Organizers called on lawmakers to stop three bills currently going through the legislature they say are dangerous.

House Bill 210 would allow guns on college campuses.

House Bill 36 would allow concealed carry without a permit.

Senate Bill 103 would allow armed guards in schools.

Among the many voices making themselves heard during the rally was one well known Lexington mother who is turning the tragedy of losing her own son to gun violence into action.

Anita Franklin’s 21-year-old son, Antonio Franklin was shot and killed while walking through Duncan Park back in 2014.

“He laid under a sign with a bullet in his head that read, ‘years from now people may not know who I was or what I’ve done but what’s most important is that I’m important in the life of a child,” said Franklin.

Franklin says she took that to heart and has since been on a mission to make Antonio’s life important.

“I started an organization called the Antonio Franklin Violence Intervention Project. I chose those words because the acronym is VIP. I want everyone in this room including children to know that they are very important people,” said Franklin.

Through the organization, Franklin teamed up with Moms Demand Action to campaign for what she calls common sense gun laws.

“See something, say something, do something. We can no longer stay quiet about our safety,” said Franklin.

Franklin is not staying quiet, in addition to her advocacy work she is also running for Lexington’s Urban County Council.


“Lets get better and do it together. Let’s get better and do it together. Thank you,” said Franklin.

Franklin will be hosting her annual peace walk at Duncan Park on April 14th this year, a special day given it’s the fourth anniversary of her son Antonio’s death.

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