Mom To Mom – Pregnancy Cravings

Sarah Pannell:                   Are you dealing with holiday cravings? Well, I’ve got the solution for you. I’ve got Val here with us again today and this is something that every pregnant mom deals with.

Val Smorol:                         Yup.

Sarah Pannell:                   I still deal with cravings.

Val Smorol:                         Cravings.

Sarah Pannell:                   Please help us.

Val Smorol:                         Yeah. So when you’re pregnant, I knew I was going to get cravings. No one tells you. It’s like a demon craving.

Sarah Pannell:                   Right.

Val Smorol:                         Like it almost pulls you into the kitchen.

Sarah Pannell:                   It does.

Val Smorol:                         For me it’s been sugar. So this is what I kind of do to steer my cravings and help them a little bit. First things first. I drink so much water. I probably have about over 100 ounces a day definitely. When you wake up in the morning you’re super hungry, I always tell … Even if you’re not pregnant, you should always drink a big glass of room temperature water because that actually will tell your body if you’re really hungry or how hungry you are. I want every mom to know it is okay to have these. It’s [specially 00:00:54] if you’re pregnant. But what I always tell them to do is … This is where you take a knife and you just cut it in half or cut it in fourths because a lot of times we want to taste it. We don’t need to indulge in it. I just eat a lot of fruit. This is way better than having this. They both are technically types of sugar but I will never steer somebody away from fruit.

Sarah Pannell:                   For the moms out there that want to sign up for your next food [inaudible 00:01:15], what should they go?

Val Smorol:                         They can go to and if they put in the code mom2mom then you’ll get $10 off and you’ll also get access to our holiday guide for how to survive the holidays.

Sarah Pannell:                   I like that. Alright Val. Thank you so much.

Val Smorol:                         Thank you for having me.

Sarah Pannell:                   I’ll see you all next week on Mom to Mom.


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