Mom to Mom- cranberry bruschetta appetizer

Sarah Pannell: Hey moms. Sarah here with Mom to Mom. I’m back with Kate Horning. I love when you’re here.
Kate.: Oh, we have so much fun.
Sarah Pannell: Or I love to be here. Oh my gosh. So Christmas is coming up.
Kate.: It is. Yep.
Sarah Pannell: We’ve got past Thanksgiving. Now you’ve a beautiful-
Kate.: Appetizer for you, yeah.
Sarah Pannell: Appetizer. Yes. Yes.
Kate.: So, holiday parties. Yep, there’s always holiday parties.
Sarah Pannell: Yeah.
Kate.: It’s like, “What do I take?”
Sarah Pannell: Exactly.
Kate.: Again, something quick, easy and different.
Sarah Pannell: And different.
Kate.: Everyone Kind of brings the same thing.
Sarah Pannell: That’s the key, different. I feel like I always take the same thing every year.
Kate.: I’m going to show you something new.
Sarah Pannell: Perfect.
Kate.: This is a cranberry bruschetta. We’re just going to roast cranberries, a little bit of brie on a crostini with fresh orange, rosemary. It’s just holidays in a little package, yeah.
Sarah Pannell: It’s holiday on a plate.
Kate.: Yep. Let me show you how to do it.
Sarah Pannell: Perfect. This is so pretty.
Kate.: I know. It’s so festive. I love the red and the green. It’s perfect for the holidays.
Sarah Pannell: Perfect. It is so perfect.
Kate.: Yeah. Let’s give it a taste.
Sarah Pannell: yes.
Kate.: If you’re making this in advance, I like to actually take the bread and toast it up and then just warm it in the oven. Same with the cranberries. You can do it all in advance. Just warm it up, plate it. Right before your guests arrive. They’ll think you’re a rock star.
Sarah Pannell: So easy.
Kate.: Yeah.
Sarah Pannell: So easy.
Kate.: Cheers.
Sarah Pannell: Cheers to Christmas and cheers to this.
Kate.: Yep and the holidays.
Sarah Pannell: Yes. We’re ABC 36. Join me next Monday for another edition of Mom to Mom.

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