Mom to Mom – Christmas Hourglass Lash and Skin Bar

Sarah: Hey moms, Sarah here with Mom to Mom. I’m here at Hourglass Lash and Skin Bar, I’ve got Maria here with us. So glad to be back here, last time I had my lashes done, this time I tried your new injectors.

Maria: Oh, she’s awesome, you look amazing.

Sarah: Thank you! I’m ready for Christmas now, ready for the holiday season.

Maria:Well thank you for letting hourglass take care of you.

Sarah: Yes. Oh I’ll be back for sure, don’t worry about that. So this is something brand new that you all have started.

Maria: Yes.

Sarah: Tell us a bit about it.

Maria: Well we’ve always had a medical director here and we knew we’d add injectables at some point. We were just waiting for the right time, for the sweet spot. So we’ve added an experienced nurse injector. Lindsey has six years experience injecting and she does an amazing job. So we do dermal fillers, and neurotoxins, so if you want to get ironed out for the holidays, you want to get plumped up, or you just want to feel a little better, the enhancement is always a natural look. So she does an excellent job.

Sarah: So gift-giving season has kicked in. So dads and husbands, this is your hint, come to hourglass. It’s time.

Maria: Absolutely.

Sarah: Get your moms in shape, feeling good.

Maria: That’s right.

Sarah: Tell us about your specials.

Maria: And daughters.

Sarah: And daughters, yes.

Maria: We have so many things available here at hourglass. We do lash extensions, we do skin care, medical grade skin care. So our special specials on lash extensions are 100 dollars off a full set, and you get a free lunchtime peel when you get that. All of our skincare for the first week of December we have a shopping week, so that’s 15 percent off, all of our makeup is 15 percent off, we’re running a month long special on injectables which is 100 dollars off each syringe. And it’s a buy 50 units of Dysport, get 20 free. So you can’t go wrong here, touch anything here, try it.

Sarah: I love that, I love this place.

Maria: Yay we do too.

Sarah: I’m gonna come live here.

Maria: Please do.

Sarah: So for folks out there who want info, schedule, where should they go?

Maria: You go to www.Hourglasslex.Com or you can call our spa and get an appointment at 859-904-skin.

Sarah: Merry Christmas.

Maria: Thank you, Merry Christmas.

Sarah: For ABC 36, join me next Monday for another edition of Mom to Mom.

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