Sarah Pannell: Today we’re at London Women’s Care talking about breast cancer awareness. Joining me today is Dr. Sarkar. Thank you so much for joining us.

Dr. Sarkar: Thank you for having me.

Sarah Pannell: This month, as everyone knows, is breast cancer awareness month.

Dr. Sarkar: Yes. About one in eight women will get breast cancer at some point in their lifetime.

Sarah Pannell: Wow.

Dr. Sarkar: So the numbers are quite high-

Sarah Pannell: Very important, yeah.

Dr. Sarkar: So it is very important to get screened. For women who are 40 to 49, we recommend screening every one to two years. After the age of 50, we still recommend yearly screening at that point, but definitely don’t delay it any further than age 50.

Sarah Pannell: If it runs in the family, that might be in different …

Dr. Sarkar: Correct.

Sarah Pannell: Conversation.

Dr. Sarkar: That’s a different scenario altogether. So if that’s the case, it’s important to discuss gene testing. In some women, we’ll have the BRCA gene mutation. If you do have this gene mutation, it increases your risk of breast cancer up to 70%, so that can be quite high.

Sarah Pannell: Wow. Absolutely. What are some things that women should look out for?

Dr. Sarkar: Yes.

Sarah Pannell: What’s abnormal? What’s normal?

Dr. Sarkar: It’s important to just be aware of what your breasts feel like. What’s normal and what’s not normal. We used to recommend self exams, and those aren’t really recommended as much. It’s just important to know what feels normal to you, and what’s a change.

Sarah Pannell: Well, this is a very important topic.

Dr. Sarkar: Absolutely.

Sarah Pannell: We appreciate all the great information.

Dr. Sarkar: Oh, thank you.

Sarah Pannell: All right. Join me next week for Mom To Mom.

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