“Mischievous Person” Blamed For Oil Spill In Lincoln County

Hazmat crews in Lincoln County spent Wednesday trying to contain a big oil spill that eventually made its way into the Green River.

The spill happened along KY 698, near Greasy Ridge Road, about five miles north of Stanford.

The owner of the truck that spilled an estimated 1,000 gallons of crude oil, blamed it on "some mischievous person," according to Lincoln County Emergency Management Director Don Gilliam.

Investigators said a valve on a hose connected to the tanker truck was opened, allowing the crude oil to spill onto the ground and into a nearby creek, which was turned black by the spill.

Officials said no drinking water was affected.

Hazmat crews used a ditch witch to make an earth dam to stop the flow of oil in the creek.

Crews also used absorbent booms along the Green River to stop the flow into the larger body of water.

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