Mike Lindell takes aim at Kentucky Secretary of State Michael Adams in 6 minute video

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WTVQ) — My Pillow founder Mike Lindell took aim at Kentucky Secretary of State Michael Adams in a six-minute video posted to YouTube by Jessica Neal, who lost her bid for a state Senate seat, about cast vote records and Dominion voting machines.

The video consists of Lindell ranting about Adams and what Adams has called “spurious” ballot recount petitions.

“Hey Michael Adams, he’s the current secretary of state of Kentucky, correct?” Lindell asks someone on the video. “Well, apparently Michael Adams, is that his name? Went and complained that all the people in Kentucky and around the country that are requesting their legal rights with the Freedom of Information Act — they’re upset that you have asked for the cast vote records because, in Kentucky, this guy says ‘Well that’s slowing up our process.'”

A cast vote record is a document generated by ballot-counting machines that people believe will help detect voter fraud.

On Aug. 16, Adams said in a press release recount petitions and resulting litigation delayed certifications of candidates in six districts from the May 17 primary election, one of which is the district Neal ran. Neal requested a recount in her district and paid the nearly $60,000 required.

“I am THRILLED to share with all of you that I posted the bond amount of $57,368 with the Campbell County Circuit Court Clerk this morning! None of this would have been possible without your generous support. Thank you!!!

Next steps: Tomorrow, machines will move from each of the 4 counties and the count will begin Wednesday morning. Stay tuned! Thank you again for your incredible support of this effort!!! 🇺🇸” she posted on her official election Facebook page eight days before Adams’s press release.
Adams specifically mentioned the district in which Neal ran in his press release, the 24th State Senate, saying a recount “proved false the petitioners’ baseless allegation that Kentucky’s ballot-counting machines change votes.”
At the end of the video, Lindell asked Kentuckians to “bombard” Adams’s office with FOIA requests for emails between elected county officials and Adams about Dominion voting machines, which Kentucky doesn’t use. The video also included a link to a letter to copy and paste for a FOIA request.
To watch the full video, click here.
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