Some might be homeless this Thanksgiving due to a pipe break

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WTVQ) – Over the years, the Lexington Rescue Mission has been helping people get back on their feet and transitioning them back into society, but the mission now has a problem of its own, there’s concern the potters house, a transitional home for homeless men, might have to shut down.

After replacing two collapsed sewer pipes at its outreach center last year, Lexington Rescue Mission now has to replace a pipe at its transitional house for homeless men.

“We had the downstairs flooding because of the bathroom over flow and because of the sewer pipe collapse and if we didn’t get it fixed immediately, we were going to have to shut down the building.”

If the potters house was to shut down, 11 residents including staff members would face homelessness.

“One of our guys told us that this place just saved his life, and I think for a lot of guys we are that safety net, we are that support when they have burned other bridges or they don’t have family left, they don’t have anywhere else to turn.”

“I am one of the several cases here, my story is a little different, I am just coming back from incarceration, so this place is set up for us instead of going to shelters. Those of us that are able to work can have a place to come to so we are not out in the cold and we don’t fall back into our old ways.”

The Lexington Rescue Mission says it’s going to cost over $13,000 to replace the pipes and that’s not including the damage that has happened inside the house.

“So right now we have some money that people have donated for the holidays but we want to be able to use that money to actually feed people and to provide housing and all the other things, we do employment support. Not to have to use it to fix a pipe.”

“There are also gentlemen here that are sick and cannot work that they have taken in, there are people that are waiting on their disability that they have taken in, there is just regular people here too and for us to be just shut down and the doors close, that would be detrimental to a lot of us here.”

If you would like to donate to the repair project, you can visit

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