Middlesboro overwhelmingly goes ‘wet’

MIDDLESBORO, Ky. ( WTVQ) – By an almost 2-1 margin, voters in Middlesboro, Ky., have decided to go “wet.”

The vote was 1,215 for and 653 against, according to results read live on radio station 106.3. That’s a 65.04 percent to 35.96 percent margin.

Middlesboro, a town of about 10,000, is in Bell County on the Kentucky-Tennessee line in southeastern Kentucky.

Interestingly, Middlesboro was “wet” in the 1950s, but changed back to being “dry.” The town has been what is known as “moist” since 2015. That means restaurants can serve alcohol. Now, stores can sell it as well.

Several surrounding towns are already ‘wet,’ including neighboring Pineville.

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