Who are those MetroNet people in my yard?

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WTVQ)- Wondering who those MetroNet people are digging in your back yard?

Mayor Jim Gray’s office today released a short video to help Lexington residents learn what to expect from MetroNet’s citywide fiber-optic network construction project, now underway in Lexington.

The video, along with frequently asked questions and answers, is available on the city’s website, at www.lexingtonky.gov/gig.

“We are very pleased to have MetroNet building its fiber-optic network here in Lexington, giving residents and businesses a new option for gigabit-level internet service, television channels, and telephone service,” said Scott Shapiro, who worked on the project for the Mayor’s Office along with CIO Aldona Valicenti. “But there will be construction in neighorhoods – a lot of it. This video will give folks a heads up to minimize surprises.”

The construction of MetroNet’s fiber-optic network, which has already begun in neighborhoods north of Richmond Road, will touch nearly every street in the city over the next three years.

Like Columbia Gas and Kentucky Utilities, MetroNet has a franchise agreement with the city of Lexington that allows the company to access telephone poles and utility easements, which can be in the front or back of people’s yards. While MetroNet will not dig trenches, it will conduct some underground boring and dig holes to insert conduit and “planters” that contain equipment.

As this project gets underway, both MetroNet and the city are working to provide information to citizens.

At the time construction begins in your neighborhood, you will receive four separate notifications from MetroNet: a letter, a postcard, neighborhood signs, and a smaller sign placed next to mailboxes, Shapiro said. Each contains information and the company’s telephone number and web address: (877) 386-3876 and www.metronetinc.com/construction.

Citizens are encouraged to contact MetroNet to ask questions, learn about construction schedules, or to register any issues that construction crews should know. MetroNet has said that it will respond to inquiries within one business day, and repair any damage that occurs during their work.

MetroNet has put out a special call for people in neighborhoods with underground utilities. Individuals in those neighborhoods who also have irrigation systems, underground dog fences or sump pumps should contact MetroNet so that the company’s crews can safely avoid those buried facilities.

“MetroNet is working hard to get through this construction phase and minimize disruption,” Shapiro said. “But we are keeping our eyes on the prize. Beginning in some neighborhoods in late summer or early fall, Lexingtonians will have access to some of the fastest internet access in the world.”

Media Release from Lexington-Fayette Urban County Government



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