Mercer County groups among many collecting supplies for tornado victims

Sheriff also celebrates birthday by making a delivery

MERCER COUNTY, Ky. (WTVQ) – Groups in almost every city and county across Kentucky are doing collection drives for supplies to cities and towns devastated by deadly tornadoes Friday night and Saturday morning.

In Mercer County, the Harrodsburg 250th Birthday Committee is among the groups organizing collections. And some supplies already have been shipped to Mayfield. Sheriff Ernie Kelty celebrated his 60th birthday Monday by helping make a run.

The following Mercer County organizations are collecting items for tornado relief:

Most needed items include:
Bottled water/Gatorade
Non-perishable food items (granola bars, fruit cups, etc.)
Paper lowel
Large trash bags
Cleaning supplies (mops, buckets, disinfectant cleaners)
Disposable gloves
First Aid Supplies
Sleeping bags
Baby Formula
Gift cards to local restaurants
Kelty went Monday with the Carpenter’s Christian Church to deliver supplies.
“While there, I saw more love, kindness and concern given than I’ve ever seen before. To say the very least, this was the most humbling and rewarding birthday I’ve ever had,” Kelty said in a social media post. “
I have never been so proud of our county, state or nation as I was after experiencing the generosity of so many yesterday. We have even received calls from as far as North Dakota asking where they can send supplies and what they can do to help. What if, everyday, we showed just a fraction of that same love, kindness and concern for our fellow human? Can you just imagine how much better our county, state and nation would be? I’d like to challenge you to that this holiday season, and wish you a Merry Christmas. God bless and take care.”
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