Mercer County Firefighter Terminated after video of racial slur

MERCER COUNTY, Ky (WTVQ) – A firefighter in Mercer County was fired on Sunday morning following a video posted on social media showing him using a racial slur.

ABC 36 Spoke with both the fire department and the man in the video who says there’s more to this story than what people are seeing on social media.

The now-former firefighter told us that the video isn’t recent and was taken back in February of 2020.

Regardless of when it was taken 19-year-old Christopher Lee told us he’s apologetic for his actions in the video and they do not reflect him or how a mercer county firefighter should act.

Lee says he has no recollection of saying those things in the video.

We also spoke to his wife, Katelynn who told us the video only surfaced now because of a recent family feud.

None the less, the post is still picking up traction on Facebook with hundreds of comments.

Mercer county fire department chief declined an on- camera interview but released the following statement:

“Our department, I personally and as chief, will at no time accept or condone racial, prejudice, biased acts or communications on social media… I can not and will not tolerate actions as these by members of our department,” says Richard Maxfield of MCFD.

His wife Katelyn Hensley, the person whom the comments were directed towards told us that she and Lee have worked things out and that the comments don’t reflect the sort of spouse he is.

“We talked about it we talked everything through and I believe him when he says he’s changed and that he’d never do it again.

He apologized, I know deep down he has changed our daughter worships him more than anything in this world so I know hes a good dad.”

Hensley tells ABC 36 that the video was screen recorded on social media by one of Lee’s friends and then sent to her family members.

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