Mental health strategies increasingly important with COVID, experts say

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WTVQ) – Psychologists are finding themselves increasingly busy offering advice to people dealing with the stress and isolation of more than four months of coronavirus shutdown.

Thursday, two UK psychology professors joined College of Arts and Sciences dean Mark Kornbluh online to discuss strategies for maintaining sanity and family discord during difficult times.

The discussion focused on the impact the coronavirus pandemic has had on virtually every facet of life, from raising children to addressing the needs of the elderly.

Professor Michelle Martel said some coping strategies include developing a consistent schedule, getting outside as much as possible, exercising, taking on new hobbies, and connecting with others online for social happy hours and similar activities.

And as much as anything, frequently remind yourself and others that the pandemic will end. But even with the best practices, things can be difficult at times.

“As a parent of three and my husband and I both have jobs and I have an elderly father who is in a nursing home, I know stress levels are high for everyone. I’m hoping people will take away from this hope in the sense of finding new coping skills that can help them get through it given this ongoing situation,” Martel said.

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