Medical Marijuana Bill Introduced In Kentucky

Democratic Senator Perry Clark from Louisville introduced legislation today that would allow doctors to prescribe medical marijuana.

The bill is titled the “Gatewood Galbraith Memorial Medical Marijuana Act.”

It’s named for the late Lexington lawyer and perennial pro-parijuana candidate, Gatewood Galbraith.

A University of California study claims that medical marijuana helps ease cronic pain, and multiple sclerosis.

But the Family Foundation in Kentucky believes allowing marijuana for medical purposes will only lead to more problems.

“I’m fearful of this kinda being an instance opening the flood gates,” Andrew Walker, Policy Analyst with Family Foundation says. “And it sets a bad precedent for Kentucky.”

Walker adds that he doesn’t think the bill will pass.

“It will have to gain momentum from an outside state for Kentuckians to see that this could potentially work,” Walker comments. “But I don’t see that happening.”

Even Clark admits the support will have to grow.

“ No, we do not have those votes,” Clark says. “In practicality here’s how it works: democracy really works. The people have to rise up and demand from their senators and representatives.”

Clark hopes to gain enough support to bring the bill to the floor next year.

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