McGrath concedes to McConnell releases speech online

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WTVQ) – Nearly an hour after Sen. Mitch McConnell gave his acceptance speech in Louisville before journalists, Amy McGrath released a concession speech online.

She thanked her supporters and touched on much of her campaign rhetoric.

How she wanted to inspire Kentuckians to let their voices be heard and mobilize people to get to the polls.

Looking forward she says she hopes people will continue to work for a better future.

“Today it is my sincere hope that the country can start to heal after these ugly and divisive four years. I’m proud of my contributions helping democrats take back the house in 2018. And hopefully now the senate in 2020,” McGrath said.

This loss hurt for Kentucky Democrats but also Democrats nationwide hoping to boot the Senate Majority Leader out.

It also hurt financially McGrath making headlines early on as she raised millions more than McConnnell.

When asked earlier in the day what she would do if she didn’t win the senate race Amy McGrath said she didn’t know

In her final moments of the video McGrath says above all, she hopes for an america were it’s people over politics.


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