From key issues to favorite desserts: McGrath and McConnell

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WTVQ)– Eyes across the country will be on Kentucky on November 3. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell is going for a record seventh term in office.

“There are four congressional leaders. I’m the only one not in New York or California,” said McConnell.

His opponent is a rising star in the Democratic party, Amy McGrath.

“You know we need a change and we need it with people who are going to put this Country above their political party,” said McGrath.

Senator McConnell is hanging his hat on his work in the Cares Act, which has provided funding in many ways during the pandemic.

“Thirteen billion dollars for Kentucky, $2 billion in state government, over a billion dollars for hospitals and healthcare providers. And over 50,000 Kentucky small businesses drew down in access of $5.2 Billion in forgivable loans so that they can continue their employment. Do we need to do more? Yes, we do,” said McConnell.

McGrath says that’s not enough.

“President Trump wants a $2 trillion package of effective aid, almost $2 trillion. Right now. President Trump wants this. The house of representatives has already passed an effective aid package. And it’s our Senator, Senator Mitch McConnell, that will not, will not provide us the aid that we need,” said McGrath.

They both agree it’s vital to help the economy rebound, they just don’t necessarily agree on how to do that.

“That’s why we need to continue unemployment insurance. It’s why we need to replenish the PPP small business loan program and all of that. And the bill that we just voted on in the Senate this very day, you and I are sitting down to talk. It would have been replenished by half a trillion dollar bill that I put on the floor of the senate. Unfortunately, the Democrats say, ‘If you won’t do more, we won’t even let you do the things we agree on’,” said McConnell.

“We got a temporary aid passed in March. Then we knew that the coronavirus wasn’t going to end at the end of January, when these benefits ran out. Senator McConnell didn’t feel that it was urgent to do anything. He went on vacation all summer long. At the end of that, he threw an unworkable bill out there and didn’t negotiate. Didn’t want to do his job. In my mind, it’s your duty. We absolutely need immediate aid,” said McGrath.

Chances are you know where both of these candidates stand on political issues, but you may not know some things on a more personal level.

“I was a polio survivor. I got hit with polio when I was a little kid,” said McConnell.

“I was a division one college athlete playing soccer at navy,” said McGrath.

And if you’re still undecided, maybe their choices for favorite dessert will tip the scale.

“I think pound cake,” said McConnell.

“Most likely my mother’s butter pecan turtle cookies,” said McGrath.

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