Mater may become the next mayor of Winchester. He’s a goat.

WINCHESTER, Ky. (WTVQ) — A goat is in the running to become the next mayor of Winchester — and he’s got a five-step plan for the city.

Mater the goat launched his campaign for mayor of Winchester officially on Oct. 22 on Facebook, called Mater for Mayor. His Facebook is already chock full of headshots, campaigning and him at pastime events.

His slogan is “G.O.A.T. of the People”.

Mater’s five-step pledge includes the transfer of ownership of Main Street to the city in order to accommodate resurfacing with goat-friendly alfalfa and native grasses, single-handedly tackling Winchester’s Recycling needs with a focus on paper and cardboard, converting downtown dilapidated buildings into Goat Yoga studios, institute Winchester’s first Goat in Pajamas Day Parade, and ensure the safety of all two- and four-legged citizens by championing an “I Brake for Goats” initiative (in which he has aptly created stickers of) at all city crosswalks.

On his campaign Facebook page, you can see Mater hanging out with his goat friends Louise, Chadetta, Delta, Mary Jo and Itty Bitty Betty (some of whom are in his cabinet), supporting Winchester police and Ale-8 and, of course, making an appearance at the Whistle Stop Tour of Winchester.

Mater’s other interest listed on his Facebook page includes eating. He’s now up to 50 likes as of publishing time.

Photos courtesy: Mater for Mayor
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