Massive sinkhole found in Lexington neighborhood

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WTVQ) – A massive sinkhole opened up in the Stonewall neighborhood of Lexington.

Joe Davis owns the property where the sinkhole was found. He says a man living with him stumbled upon it Saturday.

The sinkhole was down in the valley of the neighborhood, where anyone could fall in. Joe immediately put barriers around the sinkhole to keep his neighbors safe.

“Everyone’s shocked to see it,” said Davis.

The sinkhole isn’t the only fascinating thing in the area, there’s also several caves nearby that go pretty deep underground.

Fifteen year-old Jack Hughes has been in those caves, but the sinkhole may have them beat since it’s something all of his friends are talking about.

“It’s pretty cool. I wouldn’t expect it to be down here,” said Hughes.

Davis says police, fire, sanitation crews, his city councilwoman and strangers have all come by to check it out.

“If I could charge admission, I’d be rich,” said Davis.

None of the visitors have said yet what caused the sinkhole, but Joe thinks it probably has to do with all the rain Kentucky has been getting.

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