Massie, Grijalva announce they’ve tested for COVID

Massie says he won't discuss other details

FRANKFORT, Ky. (CNN/WTVQ) – Republican Rep. Thomas Massie of Kentucky and Democratic Rep. Raul Grijalva of Arizona both announced Thursday they tested positive for Covid-19.

Massie, who also said he is not vaccinated, is a fierce critic of White House chief medical adviser Dr. Anthony Fauci, and has been among the loudest voices in Congress against vaccine and mask mandates.

“I have tested positive for SARS-CoV2. (Home test, confirmed by lab PCR.) I had cold/allergy symptoms for 1 day, and seem to be over it,” he tweeted.
“I will not be voting, meeting in person, or making public appearances until next week,” he continued. “I am not vaccinated or boosted.”
He also suggested his case is mild because he’s been previously infected by Covid-19.
“I can’t guarantee, but I suspect my symptoms have been very mild due to prior infection 2 years ago. Also, perhaps this was omicron?” he said on Twitter.
He is also part of a group of House Republicans who have either not been vaccinated or not disclosed whether they are vaccinated to CNN.
“I am not vaccinated or boosted,” he said. He also made it clear he wasn’t discussing anything more.
“If trolls or media have other questions about my health status, the answer is most likely, “NUNYA,” he wrote.
Massie has represented the state’s 4th District since 2012.
All House Democrats are vaccinated, according to a previous CNN report.
Massie also tweeted last week he and his staff would not order from restaurants following Washington, DC’s newly implemented vaccine mandate at public establishments.
“The DC vaccine mandate kicks in this weekend,” he wrote on Twitter. “My office will not comply. We will not show papers. We will not order takeout from restaurants that require papers for dine in. We will get our food from Virginia or we will bring it to work. Shame has befallen our nation’s capital.”
Meanwhile, Grijalva, who is the Chairman of the Natural Resources Committee, also announced in a statement he tested positive with Covid-19 on Wednesday. He previously tested positive with Covid-19 in August 2020.
“On Wednesday, I tested positive for COVID-19. I am vaccinated, boosted, experiencing mild symptoms and remain in good spirits,” the Arizona Democrat said in the statement. “My staff and I will follow Centers for Disease Control and Prevention guidance on testing and quarantine procedures including notifying those who may have been in close contact.”
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