Marijuana Seized By Georgetown Police Mailed As ‘Pet Supplies’

Georgetown’s Troy Davis was arrested after twelve pounds of marijuana were shipped through this post office to his home on Towson Way.

Between Thursday and Friday police picked up nearly twelve pounds of marijuana from five different packages, sent from Los Angeles and Pasadena.

"In this instance a federal agent handed the packages to him once accepted him then we approached and announced ourselves and began to speak to him," said Lieutenant Donald Mather, Georgetown Police.

The United States Postal Inspectors are the law enforcement branch of the postal service.

"We work with local law enforcement, state law enforcement, other federal agencies to ensure the mail is not being used to transport drugs illegally," said Roberta Bottoms, U.S. Postal Service Inspection Service.

Law enforcement explained it’s not the package, but the contents of the parcel, that make it suspicious. 

"Drug traffickers use other means to disguise the product.  In this case they were indicating ‘Dave’s Pet Supplies,’ "said Mather.  He said  typically, they will include other items.  "In this case there was a dog leash inside of the boxes." 

Police said in this case, Davis may be a proxy for his son who lives in Cincinnati. 

"The packages were actually labeled in the his son’s name. We asked the subject about that, and he said the son was in route to pick up the packages. He’d exchanged e-mails or text messages that indicated that he was waiting for the package and was on the way.  The gentlemen that was arrested indicated he was paid $200 per package to receive these items for his son," said Mather.

Davis is due in court July 8 at 1:30 PM.

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