March To Be Held In Lexington In Wake Of Ferguson Unrest

Representatives from the Stop Mass Incarceration Network KY have said they are holding a march Tuesday to protest a Ferguson, Mo. grand jury’s decision to not indict police officer Darren Wilson.

Wilson shot and killed an unarmed Michael Brown, 18, on August 9. 

The Central KY Council for Peace and Justice is a co-sponsor of this event.  Several other community organizations are participating as well.  One of their officials said the march will start in front of Third Street Stuff on North Limestone Street at 6 p.m.

"Police brutality affects all of us. It really affects black and brown people, but there’s very few people in our society who can say they’ve never been harassed by the police or experienced any kind of police brutality. It’s time for us in Lexington to take steps toward prevention," said Enchanta Jackson, community activist.

She proposed having an elected civilian police-review committee.

A police spokesperson said residents who feel officer’s actions are improper can take complaints to the Urban County Council or the Human Rights Commission.

Marchers plan to walk peacefully to the courthouse at the corner of Main and Limestone.  Organizers said they hope to have a discussion there.

There was also a group of eight people who protested Monday night near the Courthouse Plaza in Lexington directly following the grand jury’s decision not to indict Wilson.

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