Major flooding in Rockcastle County

MOUNT VERNON, Ky. (WTVQ) – Central Kentucky experienced a lot of storm damage and flooding Thursday evening, Rockcastle County included. Perry Mink says he got a phone call about flooding on some of his properties. After 20 minutes of rain, he wasn’t expecting what he saw on Freedom School Road.

“When I quit working it was probably right around 5 o’ clock and it was raining extremely heavy at that time and before I could get completely out I had to sit down there in the backhoe and wait for it to quit raining so I could get on out.”

Luckily no one was hurt or any property was damaged, but Mink said that’s all because of the County’s quick action.

“They came out with a backhoe they dug us a ditch here to be drained and stuff and we are just lucky that they came out and done that.”

Mink says this is not the first time he’s seen this.

“The Rockcastle County Judge Executive says the area gets hit hard just because the fact that the rain comes off of the hills and down into the valley.”

“This is limestone area and the way this ground sits and the only drainage for this area is a sinkhole where the water goes down through the crevasses of limestone and drains underground and comes out another space, and when we get all this water at one time we cannot handle that because we don’t have a natural river to drain this area.”

Bishop says it’s about the fourth time they worked on the road this year but Mink has a positive outlook.

“Once it goes back down you know the grass will green back up and mow again and it will be fine.”

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