Magoffin judge executive can keep his job, high court rules

FRANKFORT, Ky. (AP) – The Kentucky Supreme Court says Magoffin County’s highest elected official can keep his job despite evidence of voter fraud in his 2014 election.

The court ruled unanimously on Thursday to overturn to lower court rulings throwing out the results of 2014 Magoffin County judge executive elections and declaring the office vacant. The order means the Democratic incumbent, Charles “Doc” Hardin, gets to keep his job.

On election day, Republican challenger John Montgomery led Hardin by 409 votes. But Hardin received nearly 70 percent of the absentee ballots, making him the winner by a scant 28 votes.

Montgomery sued, presenting evidence of vote buying and other fraud. While the court agreed the results were suspicious, they said it was not enough to throw out the election results.


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