Madison Southern students tailgate in honor of Austin Boggs

BEREA, Ky. (WTVQ)-It’s been a tough week for students and teachers at Madison Southern, but especially a tough day today. Austin Boggs’ funeral was this afternoon and many at the school are still reeling from his death.

Austin’s friend Brenton Walters says, “I’m dealing with it by trying to keep my emotions in. But it’s kinda hard. But I know most of my friends that were closer to him…they’re really dealing with it really hard.”

For many students they couldn’t believe it when they found out Monday that their friend 17-year-old Austin Boggs had died. The coroner hasn’t released a cause of death, since autopsy results will take a few more weeks. But he says Austin was stung by a bee or a wasp, and that he is highly allergic to them.

Austin’s friend Ellie Brock says, “You hear about stuff like that but you don’t think it would happen to somebody that you know or that you really…I mean you care about…that you’ve been friends with for some time.”

Cory Wallace, one of the leaders of the Pep Club, says “…especially someone that young and someone that was that well liked in the school. I mean it’s sad to lose anyone let alone a 17-year-old kid with his whole life in front of him.”

Many students at the tailgate came from Austin’s funeral to support his family. The pep club organized a fun game of corn hole to raise money for Austin’s funeral and medical costs.

Wallace says, “We just want to support him as a school, and a community, and let his family know that they have our support.”

At the front gate, many dropped donations into a bucket as they made their way into the stadium. Students and staff also sold glow in the dark necklaces inside. The big pep rally for the first home game of the season is usually an exciting time for students, but this year it’s marked with sadness.

Brock says, “I have mixed emotions right now. I mean we feel like, they’re going to play hard for Austin. That’s kind of their mind right now. Just do it for him. This is for Austin right now.”

Donations to Austin’s family can be made on this GoFundMe page.

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