Madison County Students Get Free Meals

Starting Monday, five schools in Madison County will offer free breakfast and lunch to students.

The five schools are: Daniel Boone Elementary, Kirksville Elementary, Waco Elementary, Madison Kindergarten Academy and Bellevue Learning Center, including Madison Day Treatment and Preschool.
These schools are part of the federal Community Eligibility Program.
Schools qualify for CEP meal status based on their percentage of students who are directly certified for free meals.
Starting Monday, all students at the schools are able to participate in the program without having to pay a fee or submit a meal application.

It will save parents more than $600 a year if their child usually bought breakfast and lunch every day.

“We’re just delighted that they will all have the opportunity everyday to have the free lunch no matter who they are,” said Shelly Boulden, principal of the Madison Kindergarten Academy.
The school system said it will also give kids the chance to try new foods and possibly more nutritious ones which are good for student’s growing bodies and mind.
“We need them to be having healthy food everyday in order to promote the most significant brain development during this age,” said Boulden.
The program isn’t just for the 2014-2015 school year, but students will get free breakfast and lunch for the next four years.  More schools can be added during that time, but none can be dropped from the program.
Any parent who has already put money into their child’s lunch account can get a refund or that money can be used for a la carte items, like bottled water or extra milk, that will still be sold.

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