Madison County husband indicted for murder in wife’s death

MADISON COUNTY, Ky. (WTVQ)- As expected, a 40-year-old Richmond man has been indicted by a Madison County Grand Jury in connection with the death of his wife last October.

According to the Richmond Register, Glenn Jackson has been indicted for capital murder, abuse of a corpse, and three counts of tampering with physical evidence.

Prosecutors and detectives have said they think she was killed sometime around Oct. 20, although her body wasn’t found until late April when mushroom hunters found her remains near property Glenn Jackson owned in Pulaski County.

According to testimony during a court hearing in May, a detective said Jackson researched how to dispose of a body in a tub of acid.

“Mr. Jackson is seen and heard talking to this other inmate that had reported it that he googled how to dispose of the body in a tub of acid,” Richmond Police Det. Jason Friend. testified during the hearing, referring to conversations Jackson had with inmates in the Madison County Jail.

Although police aren’t sure the husband carried out his research, Ella Jackson was found with no flesh on her body and her bones scattered possibly because of animals.

Police believe she was killed the day she went missing, Oct. 20. They think that, in part, because of a Fit Bit that tracked an increase in heart rate from her that night but then nothing more.

“It could be that the device lost battery power and it very well could be that that was the moment that her life ended,” Det. Friend testified.

Investigators say they found a significant amount of Ella’s blood and a knife in the trunk of Glenn Jackson’s car. Days before she went missing, police say Ella met with a domestic violence advocate in secret.

“To get counseling and advisement of what to do because she indicated she was in a physically abusive and emotionally controlling relationship with her husband,” the detective said.

Friend testified Ella’s adult son had pictures on his phone of bruises and a swollen eye his mom had gotten from Mr. Jackson.

Police also found audio recordings on Ella’s phone of fights.

“Ella Jackson was screaming ‘Stop hurting me! Stop hurting me!’ then there’s a loud noise, bang, thud. And then she screams,” explained Friend.

Police say neighbors reported hearing a gun shot near the Jackson’s home off Westwood Drive the night she went missing.

During a search of their Richmond home, police say they found two guns.

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