Madison County Homeowners Send Burglars To Hospital

State Police said two men who broke into a Madison County home on Monday night ended their night at the hospital.

Troopers said the two suspects, David Burgher and Chris Chasteen, had a pistol when they broke through the back door of a home on Lee Drive in Richmond around midnight.

Homeowner Stevie Caldwell said his son was sitting on the couch when the back door flew open.

Caldwell said the men asked his 22-year-old son Chris who else was there. He said when the man with the gun pointed it down the hall, his son lunged at him.

Caldwell said that’s when he woke up, came out and he and his son began fighting with the suspects.

They managed to restrain the intruders and hold them until police arrived.

One neighbor, Haywood Ferguson, said he has lived on the street for 30 years and been a victim of crime. He said he is thankful the intruders were caught.

"In Kentucky, you have a right to defend your home whether you do it with guns or physical violence. You come up in someone’s home expecting something, sometimes you get it," said Ferguson.

Troopers said Burgher and Chasteen will be charged with burglary once they are released from the University of Kentucky hospital.

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