Madison County neighbors fed up with sinkhole, flooding

MADISON COUNTY, Ky. (WTVQ) – Families living on Battlefield Golf Club in Madison County have been frustrated for months over chronic flooding and a growing sinkhole.

People who live in the area say with rain in the forecast into Saturday, there are concerns the sinkhole will get bigger and they fear another round of flooding in the neighborhood.

John Johnson has lived in the neighborhood for three years and says when there’s rain in the forecast, he gets worried.

“I have to leave and go to work and I have a great concern that something might happen at my home while I’m gone,” says Johnson.

His neighbors, the Wyatt family, cut their Florida vacation short when they were told their finished basement had flooded for the fifth time.

“Every time it rains we’re scared we’re getting ready to have a flood,” says Doug Wyatt.

People who live in the neighborhood say there have been at least six floods in the past year, surrounding their homes with water.

Neighbors say they’re not only concerned for their property, but their safety, especially when flood waters get close to electricity boxes.

Emergency managers say they are aware of the problem.

The people who live in the area say they simply want answers.

“We’re all frustrated.  We don’t know what to do. If we knew what to do, we would do it,” says Doug Wyatt.




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