For M.A.D.D. Advocate, Drunk Driving Message Personal

DANVILLE, Ky. (WTVQ) – Mothers Against Drunk Driving is reminding motorists to stay sober behind the wheel this Thanksgiving weekend.  That message is more than good advice – to them, it’s deeply personal.

“I was’nt supposed to live,” says 20-year-old Alex Otte, who lives with a daily reminder of the consequences of DUI.

Otte was only 13 in 2009, when she was hit by an intoxicated boater at Herrington Lake in Danville.

She suffered severe injuries to her head, a broken neck, shattered both her femurs, and lost her right leg.

Now, Otte encourages everyone, especially young adults, to have a plan if they intend to drink.

“Around the holiday season, it’s so heartbreaking with these most recent victims,” says Otte.  “I think it’s so important for people to look out for other people, to make sure they aren’t making those same choices.”

Since the accident, Otte has been working as an advocate for other victims of drunk driving.

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