The Lyric Theatre – “Feed the Soul”

Take a break from your work day – enjoy lunch & live tunes to Feed the Soul & unwind at The Lyric Theatre.
Feed the Soul features buffet style food from Lexington’s Dupree Catering while listening to Lexington’s most talented songwriters & musicians.

Wednesday, July 12 features tunes from the talented Italian Beaches!

‘Italian Beaches met as interns at a super-secret anti-government research facility off the coast of Greenland in 1963. The facility’s focus was on the ways in which sound could be used to promote and prompt both good and evil, peace and war. Italian Beaches, although they were not yet known by that name, conducted a series of sound experiments inside an underwater ice cave under the guidance of a group of superintelligent, space travelling narwhals. When their six month stint was up, the three interns discovered their bond to one another and to the narwhals’ intergalactic sound had greatly altered their view of themselves and the universe. Unsure of how to proceed but determined to do so together, they returned to the United States and cryogenically froze themselves. Their goal was to give the sounds they’d heard and made ample time to sink deeper and deeper into their trinary collective unconscious. Upon being unfrozen in 2011, the three former interns: David Farris, Farhad Rezaei and Reva Russell English settled in Lexington, KY, where they discovered, among other things, that Reva is a robot. Italian Beaches is how they make sense of the world and promote its better nature.’

Feed the Soul will occur on the 2nd Wednesday of every month, with lunch serving at 11:30 am and music starting at 12:00 pm.
Tickets are $20 advance sale and $25 day of. Ticket specials are available for groups, as well as individuals who purchase tickets to 3, 6, or full year dates!
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