LWV of Lexington provides two ways to learn about Primary candidates

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WTVQ) – The League of Women Voters of Lexington is providing information about candidates in the June 23 Primary Election in two forms.

The Lexington League is joining Leagues across the nation in providing VOTE411.org, an online voter guide.

LWV says all candidates for national, state and local offices that will appear on Fayette County primary election ballots, including president, U.S. Senate, 6th Congressional District, Kentucky House and Lexington/Fayette Urban County Council were invited to participate in the guide.

The voter guide can be accessed on mobile phones, tablets and desktop or laptop computers at VOTE411.org.

VOTE411 allows viewers to compare responses to questions posed by the League about issues important to Kentuckians.

To access this data, citizens can go to www.VOTE411.org and type in their address to get a list of the candidates on their ballot and the responses of those who chose to participate.

In addition, voters can view candidate forums, conducted online for Kentucky House and Lexington/Fayette Urban County Council races including:

Kentucky House District 45, Democrats
Shirley Mitchell and Corey Nichols; Candidate Sean Mike Pickard did not respond.

Kentucky House District 56, Democrats
Lamar Allen and Bob Gibson

Lexington/Fayette Urban County Council District 3
Hannah LeGris, Jessica Mohler, Charles D. Smith and Christine Stanley

Lexington/Fayette Urban County Council District 9
Whitney Elliott Baxter, Willy Fogle, Jacob Glancy and Colby Khoshreza

Republican candidates for Kentucky House District 39, Jay Corman and Matt Lockett, did not respond to LWV’s invitation.

Republican candidate for Kentucky House District 88, Monteia Mundy agreed to participate but Aaron Yates did not respond, according to LWV.  The League does not hold forums for only one candidate, so this forum was cancelled.

“Remember that most everyone will need to vote via Mail-in Absentee Ballot,” said Voter Services Chair Jennifer Jackson. “Registered voters must request a mail-in ballot at GoVoteKY.com by June 15. Ballots will not automatically be mailed. The great thing about mail-in ballots is that you have time while completing it to research the candidates you are not sure about before making a selection. You can read candidate responses to questions on Vote411.org and watch the LWV candidate forums to help you decide.”

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