Lt. Governor questioned about favoritism when giving unemployment help

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WTVQ)- Lieutenant Governor Jacqueline Coleman and Lexington Mayor Linda Gorton visited the health department’s pop-up vaccination site Thursday at the Senior Center Center.


Coleman encouraged the community to take advantage of vaccination opportunities so the state can completely reopen its economy. But she also was questioned about previous news stories about how she helped people try to cut through the unemployment insurance system early on in the process. Some suggested those efforts showed favoritism. Coleman said she probably tried to help thousands people. Many of them she didn’t know. She said she treated everyone the same. But like legislators, that’s what elected officials are supposed to do.

“To pull out certain text messages and only report on those then it looks bad, but when, like you you just did, ask me about it, I can very honestly tell you that every person who reached out to me, whether I knew them or not, got the same treatment,” Coleman said. 


Mayor Linda Gorton said she, too, got hundreds of texts, e-mails and calls asking for help.


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