LPD: Two Women Tied Up And Robbed During Home Invasion

A reported home invasion in Lexington that ended violently, began routinely, according to the reported victims.

Lexington Police said a family who lives on Old Paris Road runs a home remodeling business out of the home.

One of the reported victims told investigators that a man knocked on the family’s door Tuesday morning to see if they had any work for him.

The homeowner told police that he told the man he didn’t have anything, so the man left.

According to the reported victims, just minutes after the man had left, three men burst into the home, two of them with guns.

Police were told the suspects tied up the two women in the home, stole a large amount of cash and ransacked the house before taking off.

The women told police that eventually they were able to get themselves untied and they called 911.

The women told investigators that they were not hurt.

Police said there was a child in the home at the time of the reported crime, but was not harmed.

Investigators said they were looking for the three suspects and they called the man who reportedly knocked on the door looking for work, as a person of interest in the case.

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