LPD Accountability discusses current state of policing in Lexington

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WTVQ) – Activists with the group LPD Accountability say the community’s putting pressure on the city to help end systemic racism and it’s working.

The group hosted a community conversation tonight to discuss the current state of policing in Lexington.

This week, the Urban County Council discussed banning “No knock warrants”, the type of warrant made infamous in the Breonna Taylor case.

The group says the council’s discussion shows progress, however but activists say that even if the ban is passed other cases of systemic racism in Lexington are still waiting to be addressed.

“There is this feeling like if they don’t understand this scope of what we are asking for they’re likely to think that well if we just go ahead and pass no knocks that they can forget about the rest of the things that we are asking for and that’s another reason why we wanted to have this community conversation,” says April Taylor.

The Urban County Council plans to discuss and vote on a no knock ban at a later date.

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