UPDATE: 7 protestors shot; Breonna Taylor’s mom asks for peaceful protest

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WTVQ/WHAS) – Following a violent turn in a protest demanding justice for her daughter Breonna Taylor, Tamika Palmer encourages continued peaceful protest.

Palmer shared a statement with Governor Andy Beshear and he shared Palmer’s statement on CNN Friday morning.

Full statement posted to twitter.


“Please keep demanding justice and accountability, but let’s do it the right way without hurting each other. We can, and we will make some real change here. Now’s the time. Let’s make it happen,” Governor Beshear said on CNN.

During his daily update, Gov. Beshear reiterated his support of a continued investigation into her death.

“While Im trying to provide the right words, I dont claim to understand the depths of pain and frustration that I know so many people feel,” Gov. Beshear said. “I cant. But what I can commit to do is to listen and to do my best. To tell you that I want to move this world into a better place.”

Taylor’s family has joined the family of George Floyd in calling for an independent investigation into Floyd’s death and say they also want to see national reforms in response to their deaths.



We’ve received reports of multiple people being shot Thursday night during a protest, this comes after Louisville’s mayor released the 911 calls from the night 26-year-old Breonna Taylor was shot and killed.

Those protestors that gathered in Louisville are demanding justice for Taylor.

Our ABC affiliated station WHAS 11 in Louisville reports that the protest started around 7 on Thursday night and LMPD is reporting that several people have been shot and at least one person is in critical condition.

Police say, there were some arrests at the protest but cannot specify how many.

As protests turned violent and fiery Thursday night in Minnesota over the death of George Floyd in police custody, protesters were also gathering in Louisville to demand justice for Breonna Taylor, who police shot and killed in March.

Those protesters gathered near the Hall of Justice at 6th and Jefferson.

They blocked the intersection and shouted,  “No justice. No peace. Prosecute police.”

Earlier Thursday, Mayor Greg Fischer released the 911 calls made the night of Taylor’s death, including the call made by her boyfriend Kenneth Walker.

He did so hours before Louisville’s Metro Council called on his office to release the calls.

“I believe the release of these calls now is a necessary step to preserve public safety and to build trust in our city and our police department,” Fischer said. “We all want the truth. We all want justice. My promise to you is that I will continue to share whatever information I can when I’m able.”

The call Walker made to 911 lasted about two minutes.

“Help! Oh, my God! Help!” he screams as he also cries out for his 26-year-old girlfriend.

He begins by saying, “I don’t know what’s happening; somebody kicked in the door and shot my girlfriend.”

Police officers used a no-knock search warrant for a narcotics investigation to enter the home.

Walker’s attorney say the officers didn’t identify themselves. Police say the officers knocked and did identify themselves.

Walker’s attorney also says his client fired a “warning shot” toward the door, hitting an officer in the leg. Police say the three officers shot back, killing Taylor, an EMT.

Walker tells the 911 dispatcher he has to go and he’ll call back. He hangs up. When the dispatcher tries to call him back, he does not answer.

Walker faced charges for shooting an officer, but those charges were dropped when Commonwealth’s Attorney Tom Wine asked a judge to dismiss the case.

“I believe that additional investigation is necessary,” Wine said. “I believe the independent investigation…must be completed before we go forward with any prosecution of Kenneth Walker.”



00:47:32 Walker’s call NOT REDACTED

911 Operator Harris where is your emergency?

Uh I don’t uh know what’s happening. Somebody kicked in the door and shot my girlfriend.

OK where are you located?

I’m at 3003 Springfield Drive Apartment 4.

3003 Springfield Drive #4?

Yes, oh my God.

OK, how old is your girlfriend?

She’s uh 26 (inaudible).

You said 26, where was she shot at?

I don’t know, she’s on the ground right now, I don’t know, I don’t know.



You said she’s 26, is she alert and able to talk to you?

Uh no she’s not (inaudible).

OK and you said you’re in apartment #4?

Help (inaudible)

What’s your name sir?

Help uh my name is Kenneth Walker.

You said Kenneth


And you said she’s 26?


OK and you said 3003 Springfield Drive Apartment #4?


OK can you check and see where she’s been shot at?

I can’t (inaudible) stomach.

OK is she alert and able to talk to you?



I think (inaudible).

Oh my God (inaudible), Oh my God.

Can you get her turned over on her back? I need you to check her and see where she’s shot at.

Oh my God, I gotta go (inaudible) call you back.

Kenneth, Kenneth, can you hear me?



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