Louisville Cardinals involved in College Basketball Scandal

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WTVQ)- A big, basketball scandal is brewing and it looks like the University of Louisville is involved.

U.S. Attorneys announced indictments today including coaches, and sports apparel executives.

They’re accused of bribing players.

In a nutshell., the federal indictment says coaches worked with sports apparel executives to bribe players into committing to schools sponsored by that apparel company.

Today’s indictment didn’t name Louisville, directly.

It says an “unnamed Kentucky public university” with an enrollment of about 23-thousand.

But U of L is the only university in Kentucky that fits that description.

And later today Louisville confirmed, it is indeed under investigation.

Those named in the case include James Gatto, head of global sports marketing for Adidas, the company that sponsors U of L athletics.

It’s alleged that executives with Adidas arranged $100,000 for a U of L recruit’s family so he’d commit to the Cardinals and represent Adidas later, when he turned pro.

The indictment says the recruit then committed to U of L back in June.

The only U of L player that fits that description is five-star recruit Brian Bowen, an incoming freshman this season.

“All of those charged today contributed to pay to play culture that has no business in college basketball,” said William Sweeney, FBI assistant Director-in-Chief.

No one directly related to or working for the University of Louisville was charged with a crime but prosecutors say they will share their findings with the NCAA so they can begin their own investigation into potential violations of college athletic rules.

Of course, t’s not just Louisville.

Some assistant coaches from Auburn, Arizona, Oklahoma State, and Southern California are also accused.

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