Be on the lookout for black ice tonight

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WTVQ) – As temps fall Saturday night, wet roads are icing over once again.

Be on the lookout for black ice.

Despite seeing all the snow melt away on the roads Saturday morning, the Division of Streets and Roads sends a warning as wet spots can freeze into black ice.

“If you get into a shaded area or an area with a lot of trees, you can have ice or black ice, certainly a concern for tonight is refreezing.”

Friday night crews used a total of 767 tons of salt treating roads, and now they are trying to get it down before it gets too cold.

“Salt is not as effective once you get below 25 degrees, we do have some additives we do put with it but you are going to get down into the range of maybe below where salt will actually be effective.”

Allen says they are working as fast as they can while there’s still daylight to clean up and get salt down.

“These are pretty large vehicles and when you add a plow to the front of the truck you’re almost talking the size of a school bus, they do have large blind spots so give them plenty of room and just be patient and let them work, the roads will certainly be better after they’re done.”

Lexington city officials continue to urge people to use caution while driving and being outside in frigid temperatures.

Despite the rain holding crews back from pre-treating the roads Friday, the Lexington police department says it only responded to 24 traffic related calls with no major crashes.

As of 5 A.M. Saturday, police reported only two crashes with injuries.

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