Looking For More Than Profits At World’s Longest Yard Sale

Across three states and over hundreds of miles, U.S. 127 turns into the World’s Longest Yard Sale. 

Whatever you could possibly want is up for sale somewhere.  One seller is looking for more than profits.

Thursday, Whitney Stratton sold a lot of things.

"It’s going really well.  We’ve made a lot of money and met a lot of people.  So, it’s going good.  We’re here all weekend.  Jones Lane," exclaimed Stratton.

She’s also in the market.

"We’ve been looking at baby stuff.  We’ve got to get a nursery for the baby," said Stratton.

She’s trying to adopt.

"We really feel like God has blessed us and we feel like there’s a baby out in the world that’s just waiting for us to bring it home and give it a good home," said Stratton.

As Stratton goes through the adoption process, friends and family donated items for her to sell. 

The yard sale runs through the weekend.

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