A long line of cars show up to drive-up testing at Bluegrass Extended Care

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WTVQ) – After a successful first day of drive-up tests, last Friday at the Bluegrass Extended Care, the clinic wanted to offer them again.

The line was backed up as soon as the drive-up testing began.

Volunteers say if you’re showing multiple symptoms, it’s important to get tested so you don’t risk getting others sick.

Not everyone will be given the test. They’re looking for people who have multiple symptoms and hope to make a distinction between those who need to be quarantined and those who just need to maintain social distance.

The clinic says a drive-up screening is a safer option because it keeps people isolated in their cars before deciding if they need to go inside the clinic.

Bluegrass Extended Care says the expectation is they would administer more than 100 coronavirus tests and could do close to 200 at its drive-up on Tuesday.

Brandon Ford is one of the many volunteers who showed up to help.

“I just feel like a superhero. We’re just here and we’re able to just make a difference and everyone is able to go home and put away that fear and just everybody is able to remain positive through this whole outcome,” Ford said.

He says if you are showing multiple symptoms it is very important to get tested, not only for yourself but for your neighbors and family’s sake.

He says they want everyone to live a long and healthy life.

Symptoms include, fatigue, dry cough, body aches and could possibly include a fever over 100.4.

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