Local security company sees increase in demand of services amid recent mass shootings

GEORGETOWN, Ky. (WTVQ) – “If it does happen how do you survive the situation you know?” said Tom Ramsey, CEO of CK Tactical.

CK Tactical Security is a privately owned security company in central Kentucky.

It provides physical security guards for businesses or events, as well as workplace violence training seminars, teaching companies what to look for, how to handle active shootings and what to do after.

“You know you have the fight or flight response right most people want to hide some people want to fight just what’s the right way to do and what’s the survival rate in those scenarios” said Ramsey.

Ramsey says because of the pandemic and due to recent mass shootings in Colorado and Georgia…he’s seen an increase in demand for his services.

“2020 obviously with the pandemic, the physical guarding piece slowed down but we continued seeing folks interested in our workplace violence seminars and that’s something of a trend that has continued through 2021, especially with the recent events that have happened” said Ramsey.

He says there are even some companies asking if they can reschedule their seminars to earlier dates.

“There was a distillery that we do business with everyday and that distillery had something on the calendar with us and in light of recent events they were like, hey can we move this up we really want to get this taken care of.”

Ramsey says it’s a service that should be taken advantage of…with the unpredictability of today’s world.

“I think there really is a responsibility for upper management to realize that hey these things are prevalent this is what’s going on. We have to make sure that our employees, our workforce, is prepared for the worst if it does happen.”

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