Local schools deal with TikTok challenge destruction, theft

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WTVQ) – The latest TikTok trend is taking a toll on administrators with a variety of thefts and damaged property.

According to the Lexington Herald Leader, almost every middle and high school in Fayette County are being affected by the ‘Devious Lick’ challenge.

An article from the PLD Lamplighter describes the trend, saying it encourages students to steal items like soap dispensers from schools. The term “lick” means thefts and the more significant they are, the more “devious” it is.

As the damage to school bathrooms has increased, such as stuffing objects in the toilets and clogging them, removing essential bathroom utilities and writing graffiti, school officials are having to do whatever they can to stop the destruction.

The Lamplighter article stated that Dunbar Principal Betsy Rains announced that students who were caught vandalizing property will be recommended for expulsion.

In an interview with the Lafayette Times, Principal Bryne Jacobs said, “[Stealing] is not only a violation of school rules, but it’s illegal so students who do these things can be subject to criminal violations as well.”

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