Local podcast hits #10 on apple’s fiction podcast ranking

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WTVQ) – The creators of “Thirteen Podcast” Brooke Jennet, Ian Epperson, Bridgett Howard, and Lizz Walker tell stories about witchcraft, ghosts, demons, and much more.

“It’s taken a lot of pushing, a lot of getting ourselves out there in front of as many listeners as possible. So it’s been definitely a push to get there but here’s hoping we get to #1,” Walker said.

The Kentucky-based stories have grabbed the attention of tens of thousands of listeners, making its way to #10 on apple’s fiction podcast ranking in less than a year.

“It feels amazing to know that our hard work is paying off,” Walker said.

For those naysayers, questioning whether you should listen or not, “We have no idea what’s really out there but also if ghosts and spooky things aren’t really your jam, we also talk a lot about what happens inside human beings when we go through experiences with trauma,” Walker said.

She said when we go through those hard experiences in life, “Our horror always comes back around to that point where it’s very human and relatable.”

Walker said the podcast’s success is a group effort and they hope to only go up from here.

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